Monday, December 27, 2010

Lip Glace by Laura Mercier

One word: Sexy. Now here's a gloss that has it going on.  From it's sleek packaging and design to it's smooth application and bold yet subtle pigment; this is a gloss that makes a statement! The color I own is Rose, and as the name implies its a rosy pink color.  It's cute, nice shine and rather thick (but not too thick). 

The colors I would love to try are bronze, brownberry and plum noir.  They all look yummy.  These glosses are $22 a pop, so if you're on a budget you may want hint around that you would like this as gift.  Check out all the colors on the Laura Mercier site here.
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Buxom Plumping Lip Polish

Yet, another gloss I received courtesy of my loving partner! Buxom Lip gloss, is a plumping lip gloss that is supposed to give the illusion of full juicy lips.  First, let me just say that I already have full juicy lips, so personally, I probably would not have purchased this gloss for that particular feature.

My gloss is in the shade "April" which is a glimmering icy pink.  It also leaves the lips with a tingly feeling, which I imagine is the plumping magical powers at work.  Not sure if it plumps my lips, honestly I really don't care.  It is kinda cool to kiss my sweetie on the cheek and have her feeling the tingly effects of the plumping magic ;-)

This gloss is $18 a pop at Sephora. It goes on clean and has a lovely shimmer and shine.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Lips?

I don't know about where you are, but there in Northern Virginia, it's freezing!  Which is why lip care is so important especially in cold weather.  Chapped, cracked and peeling lips is not cute! 

Many moons ago I used to be a consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics.  Think what you will about Mary Kay, they have some of the best skincare products around. One item that I still love is called Satin Lips.  Satin Lips is a great product that includes  a lip exfoliate and lip balm.  It's kind of like a face mask, but for your lips.  It takes just minutes to apply and remove and when you're done your lips will feel brand new!

So, find your local Mary Kay consultant and just ask her if you could try out this product.  I don't know any consultant who does not offer free samples and demos. I'm telling you, your lips will feel totally different. And you don't need overly dry or chapped lips for this product to work for you. 

I also think this product makes a great gift, but someone could take it the wrong way (thinking that you are implying they have chapped lips) but I for one wouldn't mind finding this in my Christmas stocking!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Find: Brand Name Makeup at Bargain Prices

Every so often, being the frugal diva I am I come across great deals on fab items.  I was recently introduced to Haute Look, a site that puts damn near everything designer and name brand on sale for a limited time.  Of course, I am most interested in the cosmetics, specifically lip gloss (who knew?) but they have lots of great stuff on here.

Now, when I say discounted; I mean it.  Currently Urban Decay has a $2 sale (retail $22). All you have to do is join the site (which is free) to be notified of upcoming sales. But they key is to act fast as items quickly sell out.  My guess is there is a limited quantity for each item.  So, click the link head on over to Haute Look and see what goodies they have for you.

My purchases? Well, that's another post :-)


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Review

I received this as a gift last year along with an assortment of other lip glosses.  I never really paid attention to the name until just today because I really need to get some more, because I love this gloss! 

It is like good wine, the perfect balance of shimmer and shine and lasts longer than some other glosses too.  It's not too sticky and has become a daily treat for me.

The shades are named after men and men are also featured on the gloss tube itself (which for some, I imagine is a selling point).  The shade I have is "Doug" which as Urban Decay puts it is a "medium pink w/ iridescent sparkle".  This gloss is perfect all by it self or over lip liner (sometimes i take a lip liner and fill in my lips with the color and apply gloss over it it).  I love this gloss because it can go from day to night, from corporate to social without skipping a beat.  It also comes with a brush applicator.

Either the packaging for the gloss I received was a "limited-edition" for the gift pack or they've changed the packaging.  Because my tube is a lot different than the tubes the gloss is now sold in. Also, the men on the tubs also "strip" lol.  They go from clothed to scantily clad as seen below. 

Diva Notes:
Pro's: Perfectly sheer, versatile, great amount of shimmer. Long lasting and pretty!  Makes lips look kissable!
Con's: Has a "syrup" like smell. Not too overbearing.

Try and buy! 

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi, I'm Tammy...I'm a complete and total sucker for lipgloss

Yup, that's me. It's so funny how when you have an addiction everyone else know it but you. I am probably the only woman in America who does not own a tube of lipstick, but over 30 glosses. Actually, I did purchase a lipstick from Ulta a few months ago...but only God knows where it is now, oh well. I have my glosses!

So, what's this blog about? GLOSS!

Realizing that I can't beat my lip gloss addiction I have decided to own it and be proud of it! I have soooooo much to share, product reviews and tools and tricks! Not even sure where to begin, but rest-assured it will be a fun ride!!!

May your lipgloss always be poppin'!! LOL

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